Betty Jane Vagenas

"Love Letters from The Father to His Beloved by Donna Cascio is one of the most revealing books on the Love of the Father. Every time I read a chapter I cried and had to put the book down. I know every love letter came from the throne room of God because no one can have revelation like this, only from God. If you have any doubts about the Love of God please read this book. It will transform you."

Melody Purcell Howarth

"Donna, I received your book "Love Letters from The Father to His Beloved" and I am in it nightly. I want to thank you for hearing so clearly God's voice and recording it all for us to have our hearts melted by our Daddy. Your obediance of 7 yrs. and waking at 3 am did not go unrewarded. WE the people reading it are the ones reaping your labor. Thank you Donna, Thank you so much. I will be sharing this labor of Love with many people, bringing healing as I know it was intended to do. This is not a novel you read once and shelf it, no … its like healing oil that continually pours out of an endless supply of Gods Loving hand … No matter what season we're i9n, there's a word and a promise of comfort between these pages. Again, Thank you Donna, #priceless"

Iris Rodriguez

"I've met Ms. Donna Cascio on September of 2010 in a class of Banners & Worship. Her book Love Letters from The Father to His Beloved and her awesome letters and poems that God spoke to her are just amazing letters to His bride. This book has inspired me to see myself as a beautiful pearl bride, I've used her book in some of my teachings. I know her book will reach all nations in all languages. I am honored to have purchased such an amazing book as Love Letters from The Father to His Beloved. And an honor to have met Ms. Donna Cascio"

Jackie Johnson

"This book has opened my understanding of God's love for mankind; who can love us better than God? The answer is no one. Reading through the pages of this book, I found myself  smiling, crying and at times I would put the book down and give myself a huge hug, knowing that I was in His  presence. I felt His love with every word written in the book. He's a personal, loving and trustworthy God, and so much more. Yes, more than a friend is He; He understands even when you're having a good or bad day, sun up and sun down. He's an awesome God. The writer of this marvelous book, Donna Cascio, is also an an awesome woman of God; gentle in spirit, yet powerful in her demonstration of Father's love. Her testimony will lead many out of captivity. She's a masterpiece of "Freedom" created by God and for God's pleasure; she's His treasure. Her writings are anointed and true about her many encounter's with "Our Father"