My God the Creator

Divine trip to Wales
March 20, 2017
A rally to pray for our nation
March 21, 2017

My God the Creator

I am the truth.
I am the way.

All things were created by me. I am the creator. You were crafted by my hands. My breathe gave you life. All that exists was my creation. The universe and all that is in it was created by my words. I hold it together with my love. Some call it dark matter but it is my being and presence that called it into being. I am the glue that holds it all together. I am a big God. I created many planets and universes but my heart was for the people I created. I desired fellowship with them to know their God and to be intimate with me. This was my desire. They were created to worship me in to be in my glorious presence.

Today there are many distractions that pull my people away from me. The cares of the world! All the things necessary to survive in this world. Man was never designed to carry all these burdens, place them on my shoulders and let me guide and direst you to my plans. They are far better than anything you can imagine. I only want the best for my children. I am a good Father. So rest in me an in my presence and let me unfold my plans for your life. I will guide your footsteps. Each step you take-then I will direct the next step. It takes courage and faith in me but believe and then action is required on your part. What am I calling you to do? Listen to me in the quiet times of the day. I will guide and direct you. Don't let the cares of the world distract you. I will show you the way. Trust in me. Listen for the quiet voice. Have confidence in only me. All else is folly! Those that love me-seek me. I will direct you. Seek me daily not just when your circumstances have overwhelmed you. I am your guiding star. I will always light the way but you must seek me with all your heart. I will reveal my secrets to those that trust only me. A divided heart can not serve me. Give me your heart today. All. I desire all of you for me to give you all of me!

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