Loving yourself like the Father loves you

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March 29, 2017
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December 1, 2019

Loving yourself like the Father loves you

The Father loves all his children. He accepts them and loves them where they are, not perfect but he loves them anyway. The world paints a picture of perfection, a standard that is unachievable by men. The world standard sets us up for rejection. Who can live up to that standard, only one-Jesus! So today, I want you to embrace who you are. The creator created you to be different and unique. Not one of you has the same DNA but the Father’s DNA is inside of you perfecting you and changing your chemical makeup to match the Father’s. The Father crafts and molded you to be unique and distinct and not a cookie cutter mold of the world. So today embrace your differences. You are unique created and designed by the Father himself. He only creates the best. In our culture it was seen as narristic to love ourselves but the world is filled with hatred and division and there is no peace. The song that kept ringing through my head was from the 1960’s What the world needs know is love true love ---- there is just too little of it And then the Lord kept singing songs over us Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she beautiful! So, the message for you today is a simple one. Love yourself as the Father loves you. Accept yourself for where you are and let the Father transform you into His master plan.

You are glorious.

You are wonderful.

You are precious to Him.

He holds you in His arms.

So love yourself with the pure love of the Father so you can reflect back to the world and everyone in it-the true heart of the Father. There are no preconditions except saying yes to Him. So won’t you accept His love today and let Him fill those places where you felt unlovely, hurt, wounded, rejected, where you felt that you weren’t good enough. Let me fill you with my love and my goodness today. Let a waterfall of My love engulf you and wrap you in my splendor and glory. You are a daughter of the King. I say you are worthy. You are lovely. You are My special girl.

Let all the memories of the past failures be erased away. Turn over a new page in My book and receive only what I say you are. Receive all the wonders and good things that I have placed inside of you. Do not receive the negative things. Receive only the frequency of heaven. My plans are always good. So let Me revive those ancient dreams and the new dreams as well. Capture them in your heart and then follow my plans to accomplish our dreams. Move forward, not back. Take one step at a time. Trust Me. I want the treasure chest of blessings and wonders in your life. Close the lid to Pandora’s box and open up my heavenly chest of dreams crafted especially for you.

Open up your treasure chest and sit quietly and to write down the dreams and thoughts that the Father places in their hearts.

Change is in the air. Grab it and Go for it!

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