Focus on the Creator the Force Behind Creation
January 2, 2020
Walk In The Garden
March 3, 2020

Love Feast

While the world prepares for Valentine’s Day, I am preparing a love feast for you. My love is so pure and lovely that everything it touches becomes pure and holy. So watch and wait to see what I will do. I cradle you in my arms. All the worldly cares are gone. You are safe and secure in the Father’s arms. My love pours into every part of you. You are overwhelmed by my love. Grace and mercy have grasped hands in my kingdom. There is forgiveness, there is hope, and there is change and transformation of the heart. It is my love that transforms and changes. All is in my hands. Trust me my child. I am the way maker. When all seems impossible I change the circumstances in an instant.

I am a good God. I alone have the key to your heart. Let me unlock the secret places you dare not to go. Let my freedom set the areas of darkness into light. All of my ways are freedom, joy and peace. Surrender all of your burdens to me. I was meant to carry them not you. These things were never meant for you to carry. Let my light come in and carry them away. They are false illusions. You are victorious and walk in my victory. So take my hand and celebrate and dance with me in my heavenly kingdom. All is beneath your feet. You soar above the mountains. They are no more.

You soar on the air tunnels of my supernatural love-far above the fray. You soar like an eagle above all things. You are free of entanglements. You are free. I am releasing my freedom to cut all bonds and ties to earth. You soar in heavenly places. My kingdom is your kingdom. This was were you were created. This is your home. This is where your wholeness is manifested. Only my love can heal and transform you into what I created you to be.

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