Focus on the Creator the Force Behind Creation

All of mankind is on a journey
December 1, 2019
Love Feast
February 12, 2020

Focus on the Creator the Force Behind Creation

The hand and the spoken word of the Father created all of creation. There was a dark void into which his words created the universe and all the matter that was in it. I am still speaking my words into the darkness and that is why the universe is still expanding. Scientists and great thinkers throughout the ages have tried to explain the ancient mysteries of creation not understanding that all of the universe is a living breathing creation expanding and responding to the living breathing creator.

There are many mysteries that the human mind cannot phantom in the natural mind. I am above the rational explanations of man. I have a higher intelligence that man cannot explain. I am the great I am, the alpha the omega, the beginning and the end. There are many universes that are being created that man has yet to know and see.

In a second, a millisecond, I travel through the universe at a speed faster than light. I am everywhere all at once. How do you explain that in your concept of a physical world? I am present in everything that I created! I am everything! My being pulsates with creative energy so that all the atoms and molecules of the universe respond to me! There is a pulsating vibrating life force hidden deep inside of all creation.

I am creation.

I am in you.

You are my creation!

Not all things were created at the same time. I created the universe and others before I created man. I longed for a companion to talk and walk with me, to be part of me but yet separate. I gave you free will because I wanted you to be able to choose the creator of the universe on your own. I wanted you to know my love, my beauty, my goodness, and my magnificence.

If you look closely at my creations you will see the master’s hand and my beauty in everything I created. Time and sin has hidden and clothed my beauty but there are fragments, glimpses of my splendor that still remain. Search for me and you see that I am in everything I created.

I am everywhere!

I am in everything!

I am in you!

Many have tried to deny my existence. What man can’t comprehend with his natural mind he often denies? I am a spirit and I can only be comprehended on a spirit level.

So come to me my daughter. Touch my spirit with your spirit. We communicate with each other through your heart to mine. The language is the deep, deep, love we have for one another. We are one. You can’t bear to live without my touch, my voice, my presence. You wait for only me like a lovesick lover. Even when you don’t hear my voice I am always here for you, my love. I whisper my thoughts to you in the quiet early morning of the next day. The rest of the world is asleep but you wait to listen to the heart of the Father. I wait for you as well in the secret place. We are lovers longing for the embrace of each other.

Call on me.

I will answer.

I am always here for you my love.

I long to show you the ancient mysteries that have existed before time. Remember I created time for you but I am timeless.

So rest in me my child. I enfold you in my loving embrace knowing that you have my heart inside of your heart. We are one. I have heard your cries to travel throughout the universe with me. You will travel into my world while still on earth. I will grant you the desires of your heart because you came to me like a child always believing that all things are possible. You desire a life without limits. You have opened your mind and heart to the Father and that is the secret key to my kingdom.

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