All of mankind is on a journey

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November 25, 2019
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January 2, 2020

All of mankind is on a journey

All of mankind is on a journey and so are you. There are many ups and downs on this journey but you are determined to fulfill the promises that I have given you. You never give up. You are tenacious. You are determined to fulfill all that I have for you, whatever the cost. You have learned to remove those that would hinder you in your walk and to release them to me. You have learned that you can’t save those that aren’t pursuing me with their whole heart. People seek the easy way out of their troubles that they have allowed in their lives.

It takes courage and honesty to face the mistakes you have made along the way. Only by facing these issues and repenting and changing your coarse can true freedom come. No more are the lies of the enemy are holding you captive. Freedom comes at a cost. It takes courage to stand up and to refuse to listen to the lies of the enemy. It is amazing to realize how people have let the enemy bully them and intimidate them into believing lies. Often they mimic the enemy’s tactics by bullying and controlling others. They never realize that people were meant to be free to make their own choices. I came to set men free not to impose a set of rules and regulations that result in bondage.

I came to release freedom from fear which is at the root of all-evil. I replace fear with my love so that my peace and joy can rule in their hearts. So my question to you today is what is the condition of your heart? Have you let Me and My the condition of your heart daily for out of it rules life? I come to you so that you can have life abundantly. Is my life force flowing through you today? Is my love Holy Spirit rule over the circumstances of your life in your heart? It is important to check overflowing to those around you? Are you a carrier of fear, doubt, and unbelief?

I am who I say that I am. Remember the greater one lives inside of you. So will you let ME rule and reign in your heart today? The choice is yours. Will you let my light into the dark areas of your heart? I am the transformer. I am the change agent. I am the hope of all that can be. Will you agree with Me today that all the Father sees for me is possible? Agree with the possible. Cast out the negative. Let Me shine within you, through you to others around you. Let them see my light within you. Let me carry you throughout the day. Let Me use you to touch others and to show them the Father’s heart. The world is a dark and dying place. Let them see my love and hope for them. I have a bright future that is calling to them. My love erases the errors of the past, present, and future. I am always here waiting for my children but where are you?

Are you still looking for love and peace in the wrong places? Turn around and come to Me. I will correct all the missteps in your journey and place your feet firmly on the right path. I will guide you. I will direct you. I will correct you when you go astray but only to pick you up and place you on the right path again. I love to enfold you in my arms. I cry out to my sons and daughter for them to come to me and let Me sort out the debris in your life. I will remove the things that are not of Me and replace them with things that will bring you closer to My heavenly kingdom. You will see the hidden treasures placed within your heart before the beginning of time but it is for you to search them out and to discover the hidden beauty I have placed inside of you. So be a treasure hunter today and seek Me and let me uncover the beauty within your soul. You are more beautiful and valuable to Me that you can imagine.

So expand your mind today to capture all that I have placed within you. All the good and perfect things were there all along. Let Me expose the hidden treasures within you so you can shine with My glory to all around you. Be a treasure seeker that is within you and not in your soul. I will never disappoint you. You are My special treasure.

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