A rally to pray for our nation

My God the Creator
March 21, 2017
Resurrected Dreams
March 29, 2017

A rally to pray for our nation

In these days of chaos and confusion know that I am in the mix. I am not in the confusion. I came to bring light into the darkness and to restore my glory, my order and my divine purpose. I am greater than the current confusion and chaos. I reside above all the confusion that the enemy is trying to stir up. I reign in my supreme order and peace. Keep praying that my kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Ask for the heavenly hosts to pull down the strongholds over this nation. These powers and principalities are too strong for mortal men to engage against. Only my angelic army can fight the battle. but it is your job to commission them. How do you say? By your prayers and petitions. Did I not say- ask and you shall receive!

Ask now!
Receive now!

It's time for you to do your part so I can show up and be glorified. Take a stand on the wall-watchman and do not get weary.

Keep persisting.
Keep praying.

The virulent prayer of the righteous avails much. Look not with you natural eye but eyes of the spirit. All is decided in the spirit realm and then manifested on earth. Turn your eyes, heart, and mind to heaven. Look not at the distractions created to discourage and for you to give up hope. You are my victorious warriors. I have never lost a battle.

Know your God.
Forget not his promises.
Let my glory cover the earth. It is my will for my light to cast out the darkness. Let my glory reign.

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